S'Cool 44

S'Cool 44

S'Cool 44 car-scolaire-44-places

43 passengers + driver

Width 2 346 mm
Lenght 9 980 mm

213 HP


S'cool 44 is a school bus which can accommodate up to 43 passengers in a particularly limited space (2.35 m wide and less than 10 m long).

43 seats + 1 driver


S'cool 44 has a 4.5L engine developing 213 HP and 156 KW. S'cool 44 complies with the Euro 6 standard and is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox + reverse gear with a bridge ratio 3.31.


Designed and manufactured in France, S'cool 44, a school bus for 43 passengers, has been conceived around three key axes: security, accessibility, and reduced cost of ownership.

Length: 9 980 mm
Width: 2 346 mm
Height: 3 084 mm
Front overhang: 1 970 mm
Rear overhang: 3 100 mm
Wheelbase: 5 000 mm
1st step height: 320 mm
GWV: 10 T


Driver access

The school's vocation of S'cool 44 requires a facilitated and secure accessibility. The design of the step has therefore received particular attention.
A Wheelchair User Access is also available thanks to a liftgate located in the rear overhang.


Super Vision

S'cool 44 has a high driving position for greater visibility.
It can also be equipped with peripheral cameras allowing a 360 ° vision of the vehicle.

Seat belts

All seats in the S'Cool 44 have a 2-point seat belt and 3-point for the exposed seats.

R66.02 Standard

S'Cool 44 meets the safety standard R66.02 for the strength of the superstructure.



S'Cool 44 is equipped with comfortable school seats of the Isri brand, in a spacious and bright environment. It can also be equipped with "smart" seats, to choose from three options: antibacterial, anti-dirty "Child proof" and auto wash for cleanliness and easy maintenance.

Reduced TCO

S'Cool 44 is equipped with the latest generation of DAF engine, renowned for its reliability and exemplary sobriety. This engine, developing 213 HP, the kinematic chain already very proven and the weight content of S'Cool 44 guarantee it agility, reliability and cost of use particularly economical. In order to combat maintenance costs, S'Cool 44 is the only school vehicle having a 100% stainless steel structure and a composite and aluminum cladding, further limiting maintenance operations while guaranteeing its durability and protection against corrosion.


Stainless steel structure

The structure of the vehicle is entirely made of stainless steel, it is both incredibly rigid and resistant to corrosion. In addition, its design required advanced calculations to comply with the R66.02. standard.