Rear access for 1 to 5 wheelchair users


Flexiprox tpmr-accessible-acces-arriere-4-ufr-master-ducato

Up to 5 Wheelchair Users

Up to 8 passengers + driver


Flexiprox, extremely modular vehicle dedicated to the transport of people with reduced mobility, can accommodate up to 8 passengers.

8 seats + 1 driver

The Flexiprox range

On a van basis, Flexiprox is a conversion allowing to perfectly optimize and reconcile the transport of passengers with reduced mobility, wheelchair users and people without disability.

Anchoring system

Electric anchoring system

The Premium version is a flexible conversion perfectly adapted to the transport of wheelchair users. In less than 10 seconds, it can convert this vehicle allowing to transport people with reduced mobility and up to 5 wheelchairs users into a 9-seater minicar thanks to the now exclusive electric anchorage system and its folding seats.

The retractors are fully integrated and concealed in the floor for easy mobility for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility. Our ergonomic floor and all equipment on board are designed for intensive use regularly observed in demand-responsive transport operation. The rear seats can simply fold back against the vehicle's walls under the windows line to make room for wheelchair users. The electric hatches on the ground open, releasing the safety equipment for the anchoring of the wheelchairs and the users.


An easy to use rear access

Flexiprox can be equipped with a manual access ramp with a slip-resistant surface, assisted by gas compass to simplify its deploymentis, a motorized ramp or an electric liftgate.

Flexiprox Premium can be equipped with the new integrated lateral step, offering people with reduced mobility a simplified and secure access with heights of steps of less than 15 cm. While the first gain of this equipment can be immediately perceived by the users, Vehixel does not forget the operator since this new arrangement has the advantage of eliminating all the parts traditionally exposed or in motion, such as the retractable electric step, which, beyond the risk of breakdowns sometimes immobilizing, is often the source of additional maintenance costs.

Similar vehicles

Flexiprox can be declined on various vehicles:

- Renault Master / Opel Movano
- Peugeot Boxer / Citroën Jumper
- Fiat Ducato
- Mercedes Sprinter
- VW Crafter


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