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Test du Cytios 4

The Cytios 4 is equipped with a 180 HP engine and now the new 8-speed Hi-Matic automatic transmission.
In addition to this mechanical development, the work carried out during the development of the bodywork made it possible to realize a significant weight gain serving greatly the capacity of this midibus which can now accommodate up to 43 people.
The completely stainless steel body structure and its 100% composite cladding gives it a longevity, a corrosion resistance as well as an exceptionally low maintenance and repair cost.
Come discover the grip of Cytios 4 de Vehixel realized by François GILBERT

Le 31 Mai 2017


Vehixel à Autocar Expo

Vehixel was present at the bus show in Lyon from 12th to 15ht October 2016, during which the company presented its new school bus: S'Cool!

S'Cool! is the latest VEHIXEL school bus concept designed and manufactured in France. Benefiting from an arrangement facilitating the accessibility of the vehicle which can be configured to accommodate a wheelchair and all the equipment related to the safety and comfort necessary for school transportation.

During this show Vehixel was also awarded by Iveco Bus by the BUSMASTER label for its know-how and expertise.

Le 8 Octobre 2016

Manifestation UGAP

Vehixel will be present to exhibit a Cytios 4, the company's flagship product for the UGAP event. This event will be held on Thursday, October 13th, 2016, at the Manoir de l'Automobile in Lohéac (35), for UGAP customers in the Center-Ouest region.

Le 7 Octobre 2016

Journées AGIR

Vehixel will participate in AGIR days: a professional and convivial transport event

The AGIR Days is the independent annual event dedicated to public transport and open to all professionals.

The AGIR Days are organized around a series of Conferences and a Trade Show. Renowned for their conviviality, the AGIR Days are distinguished from other transport events by their human dimension, which facilitates exchanges.

More than 600 professionals participate in these Days, members and non-members of AGIR, organizing authorities and operators.

The trade show will take place in Troyes: 5th and 6th of October 2016

The next AGIR Days will be devoted to "The New Rules of the Game of Mobility".

Le 1 Octobre 2016

Salon Transports publics à Paris

Vehixel was present at the Public Transport Show in Paris on 14th, 15th and 16th of June 2016. On this occasion, Vehixel presented a Cytios 4, a Mobi LE, a D City and a Flexiprox.

About the exhibition Public Transport Paris:

The major event for European sustainable mobility players.

Transports Publics, the European Mobility Exhibition, is the key event for all the players in public transport and sustainable mobility in Europe. More than 10,000 highly skilled participants meet for three days to share their know-how and discuss the latest innovations.

Recognized as the industry's leading event, Transports Publics brings together urban, intercity and regional transport professionals in Paris from more than 58 countries.

Le 7 Juin 2016

Vehixel Autonomic Paris

Vehixel participated in the Autonomic fair in Paris from June 8th to 10th 2016, where the company presented a Handiprox caddy with rear access for people with reduced mobility and a side-mounted Flexiprox.

About Autonomic Paris:

Since 1991, more than 50 trade fairs have been held throughout France.

Professional and non professional, the Autonomic Trade Shows are the national reference of the actors of the Handicap, the Great Age and the Maintenance to Home.

The fair accounted for 24,016 entries in Paris between 8th and 10th June 2016.

Le 1 Juin 2016

30 premiers Cytios RLF livrés à Rome

VEHIXEL has decided to distribute its Made in France vehicles also outside of France, and has delivered a first order of 30 Cytios RLF to the Italian operator TPL Roma.

VEHIXEL's new Cytios 4, produced on an Iveco Daily chassis, is expanding its range of urban minibuses and responds to the demand of TPL Roma with the Cytios RLF (Rear Low Floor) unveiled at the RNTP in Lyon last October.

With a capacity of 40 seats, the Cytios RLF has two double doors and a low platform in the rear overhang that can accommodate a wheelchair

Le 11 Mai 2016